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Rescue News

Please excuse the lapse in time since the last update.  Things have been a whirlwind since loosing Lane, unfortunately  the website is often forgotten about.  Since our last post we have had 2 new rescues come in.  One was a little mare she was a Chincoteague pony.  Misty Chincoteague was one of my …

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Rescue News

 February of this year the President/Founder of Faith Equine Rescue and the rescue family received some devastating  news.  Lane the husband of Dawn and active participant in the rescue was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme brain cancer.  After a very vigilant and brave battle Lane won …

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Summer is here

Summer is here and so are all the hassles that come along with it.   1st the most annoying of it all bugs.  The flies and mosquitos are already horrible.  We spray daily with no results.  We have used commercial bought items home remedies and nothing seems to be working.  Anyone with any suggestions…

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Challenges Rescues Face

2019 has been a rough year.  We have had a handful of horses returned ( our contract states the rescue is to be notified if the horse is no longer wanted and to be surrendered back to us).  Some that have been returned are due to owner hardships and others have been due to the horse and adopter not …

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Hamburger Mary's Charity Bingo


What an amazing night had by all.  Faith Equine Rescue and TLC Petsnip hosted a night of Drag Queen Bingo to benefit the animals.  The house was packed.  There was not an empty seat to be found.  A HUGE THANK YOU to all our supporters as we were able to raise for each organization a total o…

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Current Status

Things have been hopping around the rescue.  Last weekend we had 3 adoptions.  We were blessed that Peppa and Iya were able to go to the same home.  They were a bonded pair  we received from the large herd of minis that involved neglect by their owner who was a veterinarian.  Lyric has been adopted …

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Several years ago Faith Equine Rescue became a verified rescue with The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  We had site visits, they went through our records, looked at our adoption contract etc.  At the time we applied we felt it would benefit the rescue as it would help confirm our status as…

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Over breeding

I sit here often thinking and pondering what can be done to help the equine world.  First and foremost the over breeding has got to stop.  A year ago we dealt with a herd of Registered Arabians 54 total abandoned for 4 years and starved. By the grace of God we were able to rehome all of them.  There…

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New horizons

<div style="height: 300px; -ms-overflow-y: auto;">&lt;p&gt;;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;We are currently awaiting a court date for the PCSO department to obtain custody of the above animals.&amp;nbsp; When and if custody is awa…

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Arabian Herd

We were contacted by Okeechobee Sheriff Department to assist with a large herd of horses.  At the time we had no idea what type horses these were or who owned them.  Through investigation the owner was located and he stepped up and took responsibility for them.  The horses range from 6 years and on …

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ASPCA Grant Recipient


December of 2015 has been a busy month.  We gained custody of 12 horses between Okeechobee Sheriff's department and Sumter County Animal Control.   10 of these horses were Paso Fino's ranging from nursing foals to 30 year old mares.  These horses were all the result of n…

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Tips For A Safe Emergency Evacuation

With hurricane season almost upon us horse owners and rescue groups must make emergency preparation a top priority.  Here are 4 great tips from the ASPCA as well as an Equine Emergency Information Form that every horse owner should have with them at all times.


1) Plan

  • Where will your…

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ASPCA Help a Horse Day

Update from our Help A Horse day in April. We met many new people and horse lovers. Had several folks interested in adopting a few of our rescues and actually have a couple applications pending. Met some families that are interested in fostering and learning more about becoming part of our rescue fa…

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Have Room in Your Barn & Your Heart? Foster a Rescue Today

I'm so excited to be doing this alongside my good friend Taylor!!!  We had room in our barn for one more, so we decided to use it to foster a horse in need!!!

Introducing......OK, so we haven't named her yet, but she has arrived and seems to be thriving with her pasture mates!!  We (Taylor, my p…

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Shooting Clays Fundraiser

Everyone had a great time at this past weekends shooting clays fundraiser at FishHawk.  Was a perfect event for our non-horsey family and friends to come out and support the rescue!

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Rescue Updates for November

Hi everyone, loving this chilly weather and so are the horses ;-)

 Upcoming Events

Dec. 6th  •  Yard/Tack Sale at Lays Feed 

                    Looking for donation of items we can arrange pick up.  

                    Will also need volunteers

Jan. 31st  •  Skeet…

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Just Look At Them Now

All of us at Faith Equine Rescue want to thank those who volunteered and participated in our Annual Fall Fun Show on October 11 - It was a huge success and fun was had by all!

It was an especially memorable event for FER because four of our previous rescue horses were at AND competing in the show a…

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Mill Creek Retirement Farm Takes Two FER Horses

Lilly Belle's Success Story

Lilly Belle, aka Marley, previous to being adopted lived in a car lot in Tampa, Fl.  She, along with several other horses, were kept in tiny stalls.  They had no pasture and their stalls had not been cleaned in months, maybe years.  Lilly came to FER with horribly matted mane and tail, filthy coat, …

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Faith Equine Charity Bass Tournament

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