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New horizons

August 22, 2016

Faith Equine Rescue is looking forward to a brighter and better new year.  We have a new board of directors that we are excited about and looking forward to many positive changes.  The saying "It takes a village" could not be more true as we fight the daily battles of the rescue world.  We have broadened our horizons and now not only help equines but have added small animals.  We are always looking for fosters for cats, kittens, puppies and dogs along with fosters that are able to take on some bottle babies.  The number of animals euthanized weekly is out of this world.  So many folks want to blame animal control but it is furthest from their fault.  Animal control is a blessing to so many animals as if not for them these animals would be allowed to run the streets, get hit by cars, and starve.  They are a evil necessity in a world where so many do not want to take responsibility.  This could all be changed if society would spay and neuter their animals, stop the back yard breeding of so many unwanted animals and be prepared for whatever emergency may come up when owning an animal.  This also stands true in the large animal world.  Educate yourself on the animal you choose to own prior to adopting or obtaining.  Education is such a huge portion of the problem folks think they are cute and adorable until they grow up then they are no longer wanted or until they are worked into the ground and unable to perform then they are thrown away.  Know what your getting into be prepared and more then anything when you make that commitment make it a lifetime commitment as that is what that animal is doing for you. 

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