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Rescue update

Been a crazy  year for sure.  Not a lot of new horses but we have been over run with dogs and cats.  We have taken on many special needs dogs that have remained with us.  Our latest was Whinnie he is a tree walker hound mix most likely someone's hunting dog at one time.  He was aged by our vet to be 6-7 years old has a heart murmur and when he came in had a severe ear infection which required sedation to treat. He was always severely underweight.   And of course you guessed it he is not neutered and to top it off only has one testicle.  So yep he is special. Due to the heart murmur  he is not a candidate for surgery.  He came into the rescue with no interest in  human interaction he whined non stop and barked in  his kennel except at night.  Our dogs are crate trained so when I am not home they are not running loose (we are up to 9 dogs inside).   He has over the last several months become a attention hog, loves human interaction, only whines when he wants out (still barks when in his kennel at times but much improved).  He is the sweetest boy ever.

We still have all our forever  residents. 

Shadow the Arabian gelding that came back to the rescue with a shattered sesmoid.  He is doing amazing.  He is pasture sound still runs and bucks.  

Buford out saddle bred/mustang gelding he has been with us for years.  He is becoming better and better with strangers still has a lot of trust issues.

The mini girls are pending adoption

Itzy the donkey became a momma 11/26/2022 to a beautiful colt.  He was a true blessing as her previous foals were premature and died.  Her husband Honky had to be laid to rest due to severe COPD his breathing was hard to watch.  We finally  had to make the ultimate decision broke my heart as they were such a bonded pair.  So when Donkey Charm (yep you read it right Donkey Charm because they say the 3rd time is a charm and he was the 3rd baby.  (when momma came in she was bred and not long after coming to rescue she aborted.  We tried to separate her and Honky without luck they spent the nights digging under the walls of the stalls to get to each other, we couldn't geld Honky due to  his age and COPD so we opted to leave them together for safety reasons) Loosing Honky was hard as he was one of our favorites but  he left behind a legacy that will be gelded next month LOL.  

Still have all the pot bellies Diesel, Wrinkles, Cookie, Squid and then the wild one Peanut.  They are all doing amazing.  Getting ready for a pedicure.  


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Rescue Horse of the Month




Eastern Star is a registered Arabian Mare.  She was one of a herd of 54 horses we handled 2 years ago.  This mare has the personality and the ability.  She has been started under saddle, trail ridden and loves attention.  When she arrives to a new location she acts as though she has been there her entire life. 

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