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Rescue update

It has been a while since posting.  We actually let the website go for a while as we do most everything on Facebook.  I felt though I still needed to have something on the internet so we have resumed the site.  

August 12, 2023 we lost one of our biggest supporters.  Dr. Karen Teston, believed in our mission she fostered several horses and dogs over the years for us and was part of the heart of this rescue.  Our hearts are broken.  We have brought her girls as she called them Babe and Destiny back to the rescue to continue to live out their days.  They have adjusted well to the move and are doing amazing.  I know she is looking down on the girls happy to see them doing so well.

Jan. 19th we took in 4 puppies that initially we thought would be just a good de-worming and spaying/neutering then they would be ready for their new homes.  Needless to say that wasn't the case.  It ended up be a severe dehydration/starvation case.  4 month old puppies.  We lost the weakest one after 3 days of fighting he just couldn't do it.  He tried so hard as did we.  The other 3 are doing absolutely amazing and have found their forever homes.

We have taken in another piglet.  He was found running down a street when the finder stopped he ran right up to her.  Come to find out one of her neighbors had found him when he was itty bitty and was going to raise him as a pet.  As he got bigger they decided they didn't want him any longer so they just turned him loose.  This is a wild piglet but he was raised in captivity as a pet so he was in danger.  We decided to bring him back to the rescue and he is doing amazing.  Very friendly and  a little pushy when it comes to dinner time.  

We still currently house 7 permanent pig residents.  7 permanent horses and Clyde the steer we rescued several years ago that came to us blind and crippled that is now perfectly healthy just stunted in growth.  

We will update our page as we have new updates and activities going on.  Since loosing Lane things have slowed down but we are still rescuing when we can.  We always help when needed. 

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