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Please excuse the lapse in time since the last update.  Things have been a whirlwind since loosing Lane, unfortunately  the website is often forgotten about.  Since our last post we have had 2 new rescues come in.  One was a little mare she was a Chincoteague pony.  Misty Chincoteague was one of my all time favorite books growing up.  I have multiple copies of it and have read it countless times.  Sadly enough this mare was not cherished as many are not.  Her owner died several years back and the husband had her he was very abusive to her and fed her when he felt it necessary which was not often.  She was with us about 6 weeks when she went to her new home where she is learning to trust and be loved again.  The rescue was Shadow.  Shadow was one of the original 54 Arabians we handled in Okeechobee many years back.  He was with another rescue facility that I have worked with for years with no issues.  Sadly enough Shadow was returned to us in very poor and pathetic condition.  We knew when we agreed to take him back he had a old leg injury what we didn't know was the extent of it.  When he arrived he was at least 100 lbs underweight, covered in battle wounds where he had apparently been battling for food, and his left rear leg was severely swollen.  He had a open area under his chin that resembled a chain being used on him.  We contacted the vet right away and had her out to do x-rays immediately.  We received news we didn't expect or want to hear.  His seasmoid bone was not only broken in one place but multiple places.  The vet recommended euthanasia.  Now with that in mind this injury from what we understand happened at least 6 months prior.  So he had suffered that entire time with no vet care.  We opted to give him time since he had already been like this for that period of time and see how he did.  He had so much life in his eyes still he wasn't ready and we were not either.  Oh and he also had a broken rib on the same side that healed funky.  We were blessed to have had a donation of a supplement that one of our adopters uses on her older horse that had some injuries like his.  We started the supplement and within 2 weeks the swelling was down 75% and he was no longer lame on the leg.  To the point he scares me as he knows no limitations.  We will continue to allow him to be a pasture pet as long as he continues to thrive and not be in pain.  He will let us know when it is time and when he is ready.  Until then we will continue to fight with him.  All of our other long term residents are doing well.  Honky the old donkey has been having some issue with his COPD his breathing has been pretty rough.  He still eats, drinks and screams at you when he see's the light come on in the house in the mornings so he still has some life in him.  Not sure how much longer but he will let us know.  We are in the process of trying to get some refinancing done so we can build a pig area where all the pigs can be in one area and renovate the stalls do some much needed work.  Please pray the financing goes through and we can get done what we need to.  

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