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Challenges Rescues Face

2019 has been a rough year.  We have had a handful of horses returned ( our contract states the rescue is to be notified if the horse is no longer wanted and to be surrendered back to us).  Some that have been returned are due to owner hardships and others have been due to the horse and adopter not working out together.  That is always a chance you take when adopting an animal.  Along with the returns we receive daily messages/emails from owners wanting to surrender their animal due to health issues or the animal is old and they can;t afford the required upkeep of the animals.  The one's I truly love are the calls " I rescued this horse out of the kill pens 3 months ago it is crippled and I can't get weight on it"  folks think they are doing good things by "rescuing" these horses when all they actually do is put them in more danger and traumatic situations.  Now there is a horse that needs help more help then the person can provide and more help then any of the local rescues can provide due to lack of room and lack of funds.  Now this horse is facing being right back in the kill pens and the trauma of shipping and getting it there.  Now the kill pen folks.  That is another scenario.  They take these horses that they obtain for either free or pennies and start posting them all over the internet.  If  not paid for by such and such a date will ship.  Guess what those trucks still ship they ship full.  The difference is now the kill pen folks are eating lobster and steak because folks have just bailed a horse from shipping that they got for free and someone just paid 800.00 for bail money on. Also they have just been provided funds to go out and put 4 more horses in the same situation.  Am I saying slaughter is the way to go absolutely  not but this fight can not be won if we don't battle it in our own backyards.  We have hundreds of  horses in need just in our own backyards but due to the scam of the slaughter pens local rescues like us are unable to assist as many as we would like due to lack of donations.  Everyone is donating daily to pull horses out of the kill pens and pay for the quarantine that is required and shipping costs the amount is astronomical to save one horse when you could be saving multiple for that amount.   Without support from the local folks rescues like us can not and will not be around much longer.  Thus putting more horses at risk.  Please search your local rescues, volunteer time with them, and support them.  If this does not happen local rescues will be a part of the past.   

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