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Several years ago Faith Equine Rescue became a verified rescue with The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  We had site visits, they went through our records, looked at our adoption contract etc.  At the time we applied we felt it would benefit the rescue as it would help confirm our status as an organization.   When we first became verified there were no fees involved.  A couple years ago they began charging a yearly fee.    We were due this year to renew our verification.  As a rescue we support many different beliefs, we are open minded and realize what works for one may not work for others.  We received an email regarding the closing of Barnum and Bailey circus and how this was the best news ever received for GFAS.  I understand there thought process but I also understand that this circus is the reason so many have grown to love the animals.  We have adopters  their roots go back to this circus.  To this day they still perform and it is a way of life for their family.  Their animals are cared for and treated better then most show horses I see.  We sat down as a board and decided not to renew our verification this year.  The renewal fee can be used in other areas of need and for our supporters they know who we are what we do.  We are a open book.  We do appreciate the support received over the years from GFAS and all they do for the animals.

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