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Over breeding

I sit here often thinking and pondering what can be done to help the equine world.  First and foremost the over breeding has got to stop.  A year ago we dealt with a herd of Registered Arabians 54 total abandoned for 4 years and starved. By the grace of God we were able to rehome all of them.  There were pregnant mares, stallions, geldings and babies already on the ground.  Since this herd we have heard more and more horror stories.  Last night I received a message about another herd of Arabians 40 plus.  Pregnant mares, foals on the ground, 5 stallions total and winter is coming.  Law enforcement is in the process of possibly seizing these horses all in horrific shape.   Then we have the famous kill pens.  Horses sold at local auctions, found on craigslist etc. go there.  A large price tag is placed on them and folks are told if not saved by such and such a date they will ship.  The truck is coming.  Well guess what the truck is coming no matter what and it will be full they will ship.  The one horse that is saved has now put 3 more in their place.  The money paid for that horse just lines the wallets of these auction  houses to go purchase even more.  Then you have to deal with the strangles, lameness issues, health issues of these horses once brought to their new owner or whoever their rescuer was.  Yes they are supposedly quarantined prior to transport but this does not always prevent the illness and diseases picked up at these auction houses.  The support at the local level for rescues has dropped.  Everyone has gotten on the kill buyer band wagon.  If this continues there will no longer be local rescues causing the faith of every horse no longer wanted or needed to end up in the kill buyers hands.  Had we not stepped up and handle the herd of 54 Arabians yes they probably would have ended up in the  hands of these people.  But they didn't  we need to stop this at the local level before it gets to that point.  This can only be done by your local rescues.  I pray there comes a day that rescues are no longer needed for any animal, small, large, domesticated not domesticated.  I pray there is a way but until we stop giving the ammo for this to continue then it wont happen.  STOP BREEDING every horse you own, get your stallions gelded to prevent "accidents" contact your local rescue if you have difficulties we can help.  There are low cost and sometimes free gelding programs out there ask about them, search for them.  Until the community steps up this problem will never go away.  Stop allowing the kill buyers to eat steak and lobster every night while so many animals suffer in their hands. 

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