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Tips For A Safe Emergency Evacuation

With hurricane season almost upon us horse owners and rescue groups must make emergency preparation a top priority.  Here are 4 great tips from the ASPCA as well as an Equine Emergency Information Form that every horse owner should have with them at all times.


1) Plan

  • Where will your horse be sheltered?
  • How will you get there?
  • Have you shared that plan with everyone living in your home and anyone who may care for your horses in your absence?
  • Make sure you have at least two routes to get to your evacuation site in case of road closures.
  • Begin transport as soon as authorities issue an evacuation of your area, if not before.

2) Prepare

  • Have evacuation kit ready that includes: checklist of what tack you will need, paperwork proving your ownership and health of your horse (branding papers, microchip papers, photographs, veterinary records, Coggins test) and an emergency first aid kit.
  • Consider teaming up with a neighbor for evacuation; pooling resources such as a trailers and supplies may make the process more efficient.

3) Teach

  • Teach your horse to load in your trailer under calm conditions.
  • Practice loading your horse into the trailer in which you plan to evacuate him – and make sure your evacuation trailer has room for all your horses.
  • Once inside the trailer, tie your horse or horses to keep them from hurting themselves or others during transport.

4) Provide

  • Take at least one bale of hay and a bucket for water – more if you have multiple horses – as well as any special foods for senior and special-needs horses. You may not have immediate access to hay and buckets wherever you are sheltering your horse.

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