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Current Status

Things have been hopping around the rescue.  Last weekend we had 3 adoptions.  We were blessed that Peppa and Iya were able to go to the same home.  They were a bonded pair  we received from the large herd of minis that involved neglect by their owner who was a veterinarian.  Lyric has been adopted to an amazing home who that is also a dear friend of mine.  Lisa has taken this girl on and spoiling her rotten.  Misty who is another mini we received from the neglect case that Peppa and Iya came from has been having some hoof issues.  2 days after coming into the rescue she began with laminitis.  We fought that battle and she overcame it.  Now she is blowing abscess's in both front feet constantly.  Oh did I mention she is about to foal any day.  She had a ultrasound done the first of Jan. and the vet said 4-6 weeks at that point for foaling.  We are patiently waiting.  Once the foal is born we are hoping that will take some of the pressure off her hooves and resolve some of her issues.  Butterscotch our little palomino mini we received from Okeechobee Sheriffs office will be going through a new treatment for his sarcoid.  We tried the chemo medication but the treatment was so tortures after 3 months we stopped it as we did not see enough improvement to continue the torture.  He is such a sweet soul and we want to do everything for  him but when it interferes with his quality of life we have to make decisions on if that is the right treatment plan or not.  Maverick our last boy to come from Polk County Sheriff's Office will be a permanent resident unless the right home can be found for  him.  He is only 17 years old and has the body of a 30 year old.  He has really been used and abused and it shows.  He is the sweetest most precious boy.  It took him some time to settle in but finally has.  He was very depressed when he came in his pasture mate had to be euthanized on scene when the sheriff's department confiscated him.  It took him a while to bond with another horse and he finally has bonded with my 33 year old man.  They are now pasture buddies.  Buck (new name to be determined by new owner) has been at foster for the last 6 months trying to overcome some fears he has.  He was found running the streets and seized by Polk County Sheriff's office.  No owner ever came to claim him so he was turned over to us.  He of course is still a stud and a little stud muffin he is.  He was brought the rescue a couple days ago and today he will meet Dr. Waters and the ball busters team.  He will then proceed once healed from his surgery to his new human Merilee.  We are super excited for him.  Willow is a mini we received from the above mini case also.  She is currently in foster and will be coming into the rescue once Buck leaves.  We are unsure if she is bred we will have her ultra sounded and determine then when she will be available for adoption.  Training at the barn has slowed some due to show season with the cows.  We will be resuming the training program in the next couple weeks.  Magnum will begin his training again.  He has a possible home up north this summer still waiting on confirmation.  We have a few other horses that are ready for adoption.  Please adopt don't shop.  When you adopt you save 2 lives the one you are adopting and the one you just made room for.  We are always looking for volunteers and are in search of a new fundraiser coordinator.  Please contact us if interested. 

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