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Arabian Herd

We were contacted by Okeechobee Sheriff Department to assist with a large herd of horses.  At the time we had no idea what type horses these were or who owned them.  Through investigation the owner was located and he stepped up and took responsibility for them.  The horses range from 6 years and on up.  These horses started out in poor condition.  The owner lives out of state and has been paying a caretaker to care for these babies which was not being done.  There was a total of 17 mares one with approx. 7 month old filly  by her side 13 geldings and 20 stallions.  Yep 20 stallions.  The stallions were in a different pasture then the mares.  I know I know breeding can take place through a fence.  With that being said most of the mares are in foal.    The owner has had all 52 horses vaccinated, wormed, coggins pulled and farrier work done.  The 20 stallions are now geldings thanks to the owner.  So with all this being said we have 52 beautiful Arabians needing homes.  They are up to date on medical and farrier work.  Please fill out an adoption application and submit it as soon as possible if interested.  We are also looking for foster homes also. 


Update:  all mares at this time have been placed unless an adoption falls through.  We still have some very beautiful geldings available.  None of these horses are trained they have been running free for 4 years they were handled until that time.

PLESE NOTE:  These horses will not be posted under our for adoption page.  This is to large of a herd to place on here.  If interested please see the above and follow the directions.  If you are concerned this is a scam please know this is not we are working with Okeechobee Sheriff on this case and we ask that you respect the privacy of the owner along with the information of this case.



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