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Rescue Updates for November

Hi everyone, loving this chilly weather and so are the horses ;-)

 Upcoming Events

Dec. 6th  •  Yard/Tack Sale at Lays Feed 

                    Looking for donation of items we can arrange pick up.  

                    Will also need volunteers

Jan. 31st  •  Skeet Shoot at Fish Hawk

March 14th  •   Faith Equine Rescue Spring Fling at Peace River Park in Fort Meade.

 Horse Updates

  • Sora left Sunday, Nov 2, to her new home bitter sweet she has been a part of the rescue for so long was hard to say good bye.
  • Brave Heart is ready to go, he is doing amazing, he is now 19 months and ready to start.  Elizabeth laid over his back the    other day and he just looked at her like she was crazy (which she is) and walked around with her like it was no big deal. I  think he is going to be super easy to train.  He loves attention. 
  • Journey is doing wonderful  still needs work but going under saddle good.  
  • Eyore well what can we say about E, he continues to thrive at 30 years old and has actually gotten a little plump which I like going into winter.
  • Sir Peyton has gained weight and is progressing nicely he looks 11 months pregnant but still needs to fill in on the top line.   Has not begun evaluation yet on training but getting ready to.
  • Pinto Colt has gained weight waiting to geld him and he will then possibly be going to his new home.
  • Big Tony, paso gelding, is doing amazing.  Just got his teeth and feet done foster mom said he did well with that.  She did ride him the other day and he did ok she said.  
  • Lola is gaining weight and thriving foster mom is very pleased with her progress.  Excited to see her continue to improve.
  • Bey Bey just had her leg debreded hoping this will heal even faster now.  
  • Rosebud well Rosie she is Rosie doing really well.  Both these girls are blessed to have Dr. Teston for sure.
  • Tia is just hanging out at the sanctuary property that Jennie Sloan has.  She looks great but I wish I had a family for her to go   to.  She is the sweetest horse and so deserves someone to love her.  I see her every weekend and then some during the week.



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