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The Sweet Success of Southern Comfort (SoCo)

This story is a perfect example of how taking a chance on a rescue horse might just change your life.  Adopter Taylor Allen shares some of their remarkable journey.

"I remember the day I rode with Dawn and Elizabeth to Sumter County Animal Control to pick up Buford, who was finally healthy enough to journey to FER. When we got there, my eyes fell on a skinny bay mare in the pen next to Buford. I begged  Dawn to bring her home with us, and she agreed. I adopted her only a few short weeks later.

I named her SoCo, short for Southern Comfort. With hard work and dedication, she has turned from the starving, scraggly mare in the pen to a show horse with a shining coat and an even brighter personality. We've done everything, from showing successfully in the hunters, to trail riding, and now mounted shooting! She has taken everything in stride and has come a long way. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to own such an amazing animal! She is my rock, and my world. Thank you, Dawn, for agreeing to bring her home that day, forever changing my life!"


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