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Lilly Belle's Success Story

Lilly Belle, aka Marley, previous to being adopted lived in a car lot in Tampa, Fl.  She, along with several other horses, were kept in tiny stalls.  They had no pasture and their stalls had not been cleaned in months, maybe years.  Lilly came to FER with horribly matted mane and tail, filthy coat, and generally very poorly kept.

Lilly was adopted in 2013 by the Beall family and has been doing tremendously ever since.  Since she was adopted the Bealls have had her broken to ride and she is now trail riding and jumping 1.5' jumps!

Janet Beall says "She is turning out to be everything we had hoped and then some.  Thank you for saving her."


(The Bealls would like you to know that the rider does ride with proper helmet and attire, this was for an impromptu  photo  only) 


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