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A 2nd Chance Brings Rescue Horse Home To Family

Hey, Jude

He entered my heart by means of a picture posted on Faith Equine Rescue website and it was love at first sight.  I was heart broken when word came that he had been adopted from his foster home location.

 His registered name is “Just A Diamond” – some called him JAD, but I felt compelled to call him Jude.  Little did I know why until later and then it all became quite clear.  Time passed and I thought of him often.

I was so overwhelmed with joy when Dawn Bazemore of Faith Equine Rescue contacted me one day to tell me that Jude was coming back to the rescue.  It was meant to be – this was my 2nd chance at happiness with one of God’s most beautiful creatures.

I was very thankful to Wanda Malphurs, a dear friend of mine and volunteer of Faith Equine Rescue for picking up and delivering him to our home.  She had her hands full and brought him home safely.  As our farrier, Shawn Bennett, put it he was, “one scared ol boy”.  With him came anxiety, shaky legs and trust issues.  Thick scar tissue on his throat latch area pretty much told his story.

We work through his fears – one at a time.  He is coming along beautifully.  We have an awesome trainer, Susan Ketchum, that he trusts with his whole being and knows that no harm will come to him here.  WE ARE taking his sad song and making it better.

 We love you, Jude and this is your “forever home”. 
We are thankful to Faith Equine Rescue for allowing us the opportunity to call you ours.

Bob, Renay, Zoie & Caydence Warthen

 Scared of the world as he has been so abused,

But let children come around and he stands so amused.

He takes your breath away as he runs like the wind.

Jude, dear sweet, Jude, our love we will never resend.

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